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  • Fluorinated contrast agents show 'strong potential' for MRI theranostics
    In addition to her background in journalism, Hannah also has patient-facing experience in clinical settings, having spent more than 12 years working as a registered rad tech. She joined Innovate Healthcare in 2021 and has since put her unique expertise to use in her editorial role with Health Imaging.
  • Rethinking Democracy for the Age of AI
    There is a lot written about technology’s threats to democracy. Polarization. Artificial intelligence. The concentration of wealth and power. I have a more general story: The political and economic systems of governance that were created in the mid-18th century are poorly suited for the 21st century. They don’t align incentives well. And they are being
  • Algae-Based Microbots Deliver Cancer Drugs Directly to Lung Tumors
    Listen with Speechify Register for free to listen to this article Thank you. Listen to this article using the player above. ✖ Want to listen to this article for FREE? Complete the form below to unlock access to ALL audio articles. Combining biology and nanotechnology, researchers have developed algae-based “microbots” to deliver drugs directly to
  • Microrobots deliver cancer drugs to lung tumors in mice
    Engineers at the University of California San Diego have created tiny microrobots that can swim through the lungs to deliver cancer-fighting drugs directly to tumors. This method reduced tumor growth and spread in mice, improving survival rates. These microrobots are a blend of biology and nanotechnology, developed by the labs of professors Joseph Wang and
  • Swimming microrobots deliver cancer-fighting drugs
    …to metastatic lung tumors in mice. Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed microscopic robots, known as microrobots, capable of swimming through the lungs to deliver cancer-fighting medication directly to metastatic tumors. This approach has shown promise in mice, where it inhibited the growth and spread of tumors that had metastasized to