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  • The Elite’s 5,000-year War On Your Mind Is Climaxing. Can We Defeat It? Par
    Part 1 of this study introduced the subject and discussed the psychological and political methods used to control our minds. Part 2 will consider the medical and technological methods used and explain what is necessary to win this war. Medical Mind ControlMind control methods extend far beyond childhood terrorization reinforced by other psychological as well … Read more
  • Simple test predicts Alzheimer's risk, 20 years before symptoms show
    Australian National University (ANU) physicists have combined nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and molecular biology to design a novel method that looks for Alzheimer’s disease protein markers in blood. These markers are tell-tale signs of early neurodegeneration, and early detection is so far the best defense we have in order to effectively intervene in Alzheimer’s progression. While … Read more
  • Advancements in Regenerative Medicine: Pioneering a New Era of Therapeutic Benefits
    Regenerative medicine has emerged as a groundbreaking field that holds immense promise for revolutionizing the landscape of healthcare. This article explores the technical advancements within regenerative medicine and elucidates the multifaceted benefits it offers across various medical domains. From tissue engineering to stem cell therapy, this article delves into the cutting-edge techniques, challenges, and future … Read more
  • DNA Chips as Storage Media of the Future
    In the form of DNA, nature shows how data can be stored in a space-saving and long-term manner. Würzburg’s chair of bioinformatics is developing DNA chips for computer technology. The hereditary molecule DNA can store a great deal of information over long periods of time in a very small space. For a good ten years, … Read more
  • DNA Chips Could Help Us Battle the Data Storage Crisis – But What Challenges Lie Ahead?
    Listen with Speechify Register for free to listen to this article Thank you. Listen to this article using the player above. ✖ Want to listen to this article for FREE? Complete the form below to unlock access to ALL audio articles. The hereditary molecule DNA can store a great deal of information over long periods … Read more