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  • Omani innovator wins top prize at Geneva inventions show
    Muscat – Innovator Sumaiya bint Saeed al Siyabi has put the global spotlight on Oman’s buzzing innovation scene. She won the Grand Prix at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva on Friday, the highest distinction of the event presented to the most promising invention that addresses a global issue. Started in 1972 by Jean-Luc
  • Omanis bag international innovation awards in Geneva
    GENEVA: Omani innovator Sumaya bint Said al Siyabiya won the grand prize at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva while Razan bint Hamad al Kalbaniya won the silver award. The exhibition saw fierce contention from more than 1,000 innovations representing 40 countries. Sumaya al Siyabiya said that her participation in the was aimed to showcase
  • Omani innovators win top honors at Geneva International Exhibition
    GENEVA: Sumaya claimed the prestigious grand prize, while Razan secured the silver award amidst stiff competition from over 1,000 innovations spanning 40 nations worldwide. Sumaya Al-Siyabi triumph stemmed from her pioneering work in the realm of “bioanalysis of microplastics,” a fusion of biology and nanotechnology. Her innovative project presents a viable solution for the safe
  • Omani innovators showcase prowess at Geneva exhibition
    Muscat – Omani innovators Razan Hamad al Kalbani and Sumaiya bint Saeed al Siyabi are participating in Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, which commenced on Wednesday in Switzerland.  A global platform showcasing innovations by over 1,000 participants from 40 countries, the exhibition highlights projects that tackle pressing global challenges. Razan is participating with a groundbreaking
  • Getting to the other side of the biodiversity crisis
    Unless you’ve been hibernating, you know that planet Earth is in the midst of a full-blown, global-scale biodiversity crisis. Biodiversity refers to the total number of organisms across the planet that are present in ecosystems, species and genes. Across the past 500 million years of Earth’s history, there have been five previous biodiversity “extinction” crises