Omani innovators showcase prowess at Geneva exhibition

Omani innovators showcase prowess at Geneva exhibition

Muscat – Omani innovators Razan Hamad al Kalbani and Sumaiya bint Saeed al Siyabi are participating in Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, which commenced on Wednesday in Switzerland. 

A global platform showcasing innovations by over 1,000 participants from 40 countries, the exhibition highlights projects that tackle pressing global challenges.

Razan is participating with a groundbreaking project – a paint designed to absorb X-rays using lycopene, a natural compound found in tomatoes, watermelon and other red fruits and vegetables. Her innovation, pioneering in its use of natural substances for radiation shielding, boasts a remarkable 97% radiation absorption rate. It is also water and moisture resistant, 95% heat resistant and non-flammable, and prevents mould and bacteria growth. 


Razan’s work earlier earned her the grand prize at the Korea International Women’s Innovation Competition and Exhibition, where she competed against 353 innovations from 18 countries.

Sumaiya’s project addresses the environmental threat posed by microplastics through a novel integration of biology and nanotechnology. She developed a floating sphere that uses microbial mats and a catalyst to break down microplastics into carbon dioxide and water. Designed to operate in oceanic garbage patches, it targets and neutralises microplastic pollution. This innovative approach won her top honours in Star of Science, a popular Qatari edutainment reality TV show.

Both innovators are passionate about representing Oman and demonstrating the capability of Omani youth to compete and excel on the international stage. 

The Geneva International Innovation Exhibition, recognised as the largest event for inventions globally, is held annually in partnership with World Intellectual Property Organization. It aims to showcase and celebrate innovations that contribute to technological and economic advancements worldwide.

Peyman Taeidi

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