Omani innovators win top honors at Geneva International Exhibition

Omani innovators win top honors at Geneva International Exhibition

GENEVA: Sumaya claimed the prestigious grand prize, while Razan secured the silver award amidst stiff competition from over 1,000 innovations spanning 40 nations worldwide.

Sumaya Al-Siyabi triumph stemmed from her pioneering work in the realm of “bioanalysis of microplastics,” a fusion of biology and nanotechnology. Her innovative project presents a viable solution for the safe and eco-friendly elimination of microplastics, leveraging microbial confinement and a catalytic agent (nano zinc oxide).

Explaining her breakthrough, Sumaya emphasized the potential of her innovation to address pressing environmental challenges, marking a significant stride in sustainable technology.

Meanwhile, Razan Al-Kalbaniya’s achievement centred on her innovative paint designed to absorb X-rays using the natural compound “lycopene,” found in red fruits like tomatoes and watermelon. Her project, a first-of-its-kind globally, boasts an impressive 97 per cent radiation absorption rate, coupled with 100 per cent water and moisture resistance, 95 per cent heat resistance, and resistance to mould and bacteria formation. Moreover, the coating is non-removable and inflammable, revolutionizing X-ray room shielding.

Expressing their elation, Razan and Sumaya underscored the honour of representing Oman on an international platform. They highlighted the prowess of Omani youth in the realm of innovation and global competitiveness.

Peyman Taeidi

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