Category: Nanotechnology

Quality validation and good scientific practices (GxP) are the foundation of high quality research results. These concepts are of particular importance in biotechnology, medical device, and stem cell research fields, where the ultimate goal is to further our understanding of human disease. As such, regulatory bodies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are […]
Establishing customer trust is essential for success in biotech and life sciences research, doubly so when operating in international markets. In many ways, this is easier said than done. Companies must carefully navigate the requirements of regulatory bodies while adapting their messaging to different cultural standards and market pressures. Fortunately, demonstrating a dedication to thorough […]
Nanotechnology lets us create, alter, or study biological structures and processes at the 100 nanometer and under level. When it comes to cells and cellular components, nanotechnology offers a new way to modify cell types and tissues to use in treating human disease, bringing together diverse engineering and biological methodologies and approaches. In regenerative medicine, […]